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New legislation for pool owners

Pool Compliance Victoria is a registered pool safety inspector to inspect and certify swimming pool and spa for pool fence safety compliance certificate as per pool fence regulations Victoria. With new legislation requiring pool owners to obtain Compliance Certificates for their pool fence (pool safety barrier) we have set up a team of qualified, registered and experienced Building Inspectors to assist you in meeting the requirements to keep your family safe. Covering all of metropolitan Melbourne, the Mornington peninsula, the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges. We also carry out country runs to cover regional Victoria.

About Us

We are a team of highly qualified Building Inspectors who are all registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

Over 50 years combined Building Inspection experience including pool safety barriers requiring compliance for Building Surveyors, Pool Builders, Fence Installers, Councils and the Victorian Building Authority.

Pool Compliance Victoria is here to help you ensure your barrier complies with the new regulations with minimum hassle whilst eliminating unnecessary construction costs.

We are well versed in dealing with Councils to assist owners in the best ways possible. Our team members have not only worked in conjunction with Councils, we have Registered Building Inspectors who have worked for both Councils and the VBA.


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Why Choose Us

spa inspection          vba pool inspection
  • We are a team of experienced Building Inspectors who are all registered with the VBA
  • We have over 50 years combined Building Inspection experience and many more years construction industry experience
  • Our team can assist with Inspecting, Reporting and Issuing you a Certificate of Compliance
  • We can help with fencing design advice for new pools and spas
  • We offer a consultation service to advise what likely requirements will be prior to the Inspection being carried out
  • We have flexibility to best provide a time frame for inspection to suit your needs
  • We take the CoVid 19 situation very seriously and all Inspectors adhere to our CoVid 19 policy including distancing and sanitising
  • We can liaise with council on your behalf, taking that hassle out of the process
  • We work to achieve required compliance with the least amount of fuss
  • We will discuss with you and your trades/handypersons how to best achieve compliance as part of the process whilst considering:
  • 1. Construction costs, materials that work, are less expensive and last in the weather
  • 2. Site functionality, it should work for you
  • 3. Site aesthetics, it has to look good
  • 4. Council and government requirements, avoiding substantial fines and potential court action

How it Works

spa inspection          vba pool inspection
  • The pool owner registers their pool with their local Council - this is required to be done by the 1st November, 2020
  • Once the pool owner receives notification from Council about the build date of their pool, the owner organises an inspection of their pool safety barrier with a Registered Building Inspector or Registered Building Surveyor
  • Inspection is carried out and either barrier is compliant, a certificate issued to the owner who then submits that certificate to the Council or;
  • Items are found, direction letter sent to owner with items requiring attention
  • Owner has up to 60 days to fix items and have fence re-inspected, if all OK, Compliance Certificate issued to owner and owner submits that to council.
  • A third inspection may be required where there are still minor outstanding items, however a maximum of 7 days is allowed to rectify and re-inspect
  • Please note: If major non-compliance items are found during the inspection, the inspector is required by law to submit a non-compliance certificate to Council immediately for actioning by Council
  • Major non-compliance items are as follows:
  • a door or gate forming part of the barrier, when in the closed position, is able to be opened by a person who is unable to reach the opening mechanism for that door or gate
  • a door or gate forming part of the barrier is unable to be completely closed
  • a door or gate forming part of the barrier is unable to be completely closed
  • any part of the barrier is less than 1 metre in height measured above ground level from the approach side
  • enquiries@poolcv.com.au
  • 1800POOLCV (1800 766 528)

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