Your Questions Answered: What Are The Safest Poolside Plants?

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So your new pool is in, the pool safety fence and gates are looking great, and the kids are getting kitted up in their togs for a safe splash. Time for a bit of pool landscaping, then? One of the most common questions we get asked about poolside landscaping is what sort of poolside plants are most appropriate. And we’re not just talking about what looks great, what will withstand a whack from an inflatable banana, and what will survive more than a few splashes of chlorine. One major concern is which plants near pool fence and gate mechanisms will be safest for your kids and fully compliant with relevant Victorian legislation about the potential for climbing and other considerations. Continue reading “Your Questions Answered: What Are The Safest Poolside Plants?”

4 Ways Your Pool Fence May No Longer Be Compliant

pool fence non-compliance

Not too bothered about pool barrier safety and compliance? Well, here’s a couple of alarming statistics for you:

  • Drowning is among the leading causes of death in children.1
  • In 2019 – 2020, 50% of all child drownings were in swimming pools.2

However, some 30 years after Australian governments moved aggressively to mandate pool safety barriers, the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia reports that children continue to drown in backyard pools – but not necessary because there was no pool fence at all. No: many of these incidents are occurring because of barriers that are non-compliant. Continue reading “4 Ways Your Pool Fence May No Longer Be Compliant”

8 Swimming Pool Safety Tips You Simply Must Know

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Who doesn’t love a splash in the pool? There’s no doubt about the fun factor, but it’s a low-impact activity that’s good for everyone, it’s cheaper than turning on the air conditioner on a really hot day – and great for that property re-sale price and appeal. But with all that good news comes some really bad news, too. In the last reporting period of 2020, 34 Victorians alone succumbed to drowning – and another 100, most of them young children, suffered a non-fatal drowning incident. It’s difficult, therefore, to overstate the importance of some smart, practical swimming pool safety tips for every household that loves a backyard splash. Continue reading “8 Swimming Pool Safety Tips You Simply Must Know”