Hotel & Motel Pool Inspection

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Hotel & Motel Pool Inspection

Owning or managing an accommodation facility is a huge investment but also a major responsibility, especially in light of new and complex regulations such as those governing pool safety and compliance. There is a range of accommodation facilities that need to ensure any pools, spas, jacuzzis and other similar amenities, including:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Caravan parks
  • Holiday accommodation
  • Bed & breakfasts
  • Guesthouses and boutiques
  • Self-contained accommodation
  • Farm stays
  • Retirement villages
  • Any other building/property with a pool/spa etc.

For this type of facility, owners and managers must ensure it is properly inspected and certified by a fully-qualified and registered pool safety barrier inspector. Did you know Pool Compliance Victoria is the only such business registered and recognised by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA)?

hotel pool inspection

Wherever a pool, spa or similar amenity is present at accommodation facilities, safety must be a primary consideration – for compliance, liability and business reputation. In most cases of fatal drownings in Victoria, the pool safety barriers were found to be non-compliant, which is why authorities have clamped down with comprehensive new pool safety regulations concerning pool construction, installation, barriers and barrier maintenance.

These regulations make those responsible legally obligated to ensure the barriers and gates are safe and compliant, and enforced with strict registration, inspection and certification requirements.

Pool/spa owners on the grounds of accommodation facilities including hotels and motels must ensure the pool:

  • Is registered
  • Is inspected by a registered inspector
  • Has any identified issues fully rectified
  • Has a valid pool compliance certificate
  • Has a Form 23 supplied to council.

Because accommodation facility managers must ensure their legal obligations are fully met, the friendly team at Pool Compliance Victoria is committed to making the process as easy, efficient and affordable as possible. Our swimming pool inspectors are specifically trained, experienced, qualified and registered to ensure that your accommodation facility’s pools/spas are fully compliant and safe.

Is your hotel or motel pool safety compliance fully up-to-date?

Inspection and certification are typically mandated for this category of establishment every four years, although inspection and certification is also the preview of local councils.

  • Are you up-to-date with all requirements, deadlines and documentation?
  • Are your particular water-related facilities included in the new regulations?
  • Are you sure of the related fees and potential fines, penalties and other consequences?

No matter your questions, needs, concerns or requirements, the experienced and highly qualified team of inspectors at Pool Compliance Victoria is here to help! Over 50 years in the game means we can guarantee your pool and its safety barriers are fully-compliant with the complex new regulations – and help ensure your patrons’ safety and enjoyment. So for a swift pool inspection in Melbourne or Victoria wide, specialist advice and protection from the penalties of non-compliance, get in touch with Pool Compliance Victoria today.