Swimming Pool Inspections Altona Meadows

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Swimming Pool Inspections Altona Meadows

Let’s face it: Life in Altona Meadows is a breeze, especially when sipping a chilled drink after a refreshing dip in the pool. But are you overdue for your Altona Meadows pool inspection?

For the homeowner, a pool is fun for the whole family, good for physical and mental health, and adds big value to that sale price. And for your business, including hotels, caravan parks and also body corporates and real estate agencies and beyond, a pool or spa is the perfect way to draw a crowd.

Did you know Victoria has imposed strict new regulations governing pool safety? Drowning incidents involving small children are on the decline, with experts including the coroner citing a major surge in pool safety barrier compliance as a primary factor.

Altona Meadows Pool Inspectors

Do you need our friendly pool safety inspectors to pay you a visit in Altona Meadows? No matter your pool or barrier type, age or condition, we can get to your place, prepare a detailed inspection report and guide you through the next steps for the most affordable price. It’s a simple, stress-free and fully affordable process that keeps your family and patrons safe, ensuring your legal responsibilities are taken care of and protects you the potential fines, penalties and other repercussions.

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Does your Altona Meadows pool have a clean bill of health?

Residential property and business owners are now required to:

  • Register their pools, spas and the like with the council.
  • Arrange for periodic pool inspections to certify and monitor safety barrier safety.
  • Ensure that a fully qualified and registered building/pool safety inspector carries out the inspection every four years.

With our busy personal and professional lives, we know how difficult it can be to arrange for a truly trustworthy and affordable pool inspection Altona Meadows wide. At Pool Compliance Victoria, we’re the only pool safety barrier inspection company currently registered by the oversight body, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). One simple call to our friendly team is all you need to make to ensure your Altona Meadows pool is in fully-compliant shape.

The local regulations about pool safety compliance cover:

  • Construction and installation of pools, spas and the like.
  • Construction and installation of pool safety barriers.
  • Pool safety barrier maintenance, which is also subject to the Victorian Building Regulations and Australian Standards.

Safety barrier compliance is no joke, because if you’re in charge of the pool on your private or business grounds in Altona Meadows, that makes you legally responsible for the construction, installation, operation and maintenance of the fence, gate and barrier.

An affordable pool inspection Altona Meadows wide ensures you’re fully covered from every angle, including:

Registration: Your pool needs to be registered by the deadline with the local council there in Altona Meadows. With our 50 combined years in the game, we are well versed in dealing with both councils and the VBA.

Inspection: We’re fully qualified and highly experienced when it comes to thorough inspections on all existing and new pool fencing all across Altona Meadows and beyond.

Certification: Only with a Altona Meadows pool inspection can we issue you with the mandatory pool compliance certificate you require – we’ll keep your costs down with our hassle-free approach to the strict Victorian regulations.

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Ready to get started? Get in touch with the true experts in Altona Meadows pool inspection today by dropping a line to Pool Compliance Victoria today.

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